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The Green Light for Hospitality and Travel?

With lockdown measures finally starting to be reduced, hospitality industries are anticipating their next influx of potential customers. 

British holidaymakers now have access to the recently released ‘green list’ detailing legal international travel destinations, which would boost contributions to hospitality industries abroad.

From the 17th of May, an updated version of the ‘green list’ will be released, but the list currently consists of Portugal, Gibraltar, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, plus several small remote islands that are British Overseas Territories. When travelling to these areas, visitors won’t have to quarantine upon their return to their home country following their trip abroad, and will only have to complete one COVID test post-arrival. 

There are also ‘amber’ and ‘red’ lists, whereby individuals will be required to isolate upon their return, a move which could deter people from traveling altogether. These lists include, but are not limited to countries such as Spain, France, Italy and Greece on the ‘amber’ list, and Brazil, India, South Africa and the UAE on the ‘red’ list.

The Hospitality Titans are in support of the reduced measures in hope that we can have a more enjoyable, profitable summer and draw more customers to the hospitality sector. 

Gary Sewell, a founder of Sintillate and Hospitality Titan, said:  

“We are busy planning for our season abroad to launch at the end of May in Marbella and Ibiza and are hopeful that travel from the UK is finally encouraged by the government again. I personally don’t see why it shouldn’t be, particularly for people that have been vaccinated and therefore are not at risk of (serious) illness… Things should be back to normal fully for 20211 but we still are planning for a good summer 2021!” 

This next phase of the government roadmap out of our third, and hopefully final lockdown, is just the encouragement businesses across the country needed. Not only are travel restrictions gradually easing, but restrictions on pubs and restaurants are also lifting from the 17th of May. Customers will finally be allowed indoor seating, and though the Rule of Six will still apply, this change will likely see a notable increase in sales.

For hospitality, table service will continue to be implemented, and bar service will not be available. Masks will still be required when moving throughout the premises (unless exempt), but whilst sat at a table, masks may be removed. These changes will be welcomed by the hospitality sector, as outdoor-only seating can be restrictive depending on how much space is available. 

We at The Hospitality Titans anticipate that these changes will provide hope for the hospitality industry abroad following a difficult year of instability, lockdowns, and unpredictability. With these impending announcements, the future is looking brighter for the sector, for travel, and for a successful summer.

Let us know what you think about the potential new measures on our Instagram: @hospitalitytitans, or directly message us for some tips on how to best support hospitality in these uncertain times.

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