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The Hospitality Titans partner with The Felix Project

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The Hospitality Titans are delighted to announce The Felix Project as their charity Partner. A pairing that is sure to hugely benefit people in need all over London.

As a platform setting out to bring together industry experts in order to support businesses, nurture talent and drive the wider hospitality industry forward, what better partner than one already making huge steps towards solving the problem of food waste within London Hospitality.

Who are The Felix Project?

The Felix Project collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold. They deliver this surplus food to charities and schools so they can provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society.

Founded in 2016, the Felix Project started with just one van, five years later they have a fleet of 31 vans, on the road 7 days a week. They currently have three depots across London, with a fourth being added this year allowing them to easily reach all four corners of London.

In 2020 alone, the Felix project helped to rescue 8,600 tonnes of unused food and 260,000 Londoners were given food each week, with 21.1M meals delivered to people in need.

“The COVID epidemic has created a dramatic hunger crisis in the UK, not seen perhaps since the 1930s. What has shocked me most is the growing scale and nature of homelessness in London. On a bitterly cold night in December, I went to St Martin’s in the Fields to visit one of the new open-air kitchens supplied by Felix. I counted more than 150 people waiting patiently in line for a cup of soup, where once there would have been just 15.” – Justin Byam Shaw, Founder of The Felix Project

How will we work together?

This is a partnership that will go much deeper than sharing each other’s social media posts. From May, the Hospitality Titans will be holding monthly meetings which will be attended by their members and invited panellists. There will be several ‘tap and go’ donation points around the venues, as well as other incentives to donate.

Key members of the Hospitality Titans will also be lending a helping hand at the Felix Project depots, as well as encouraging others to volunteer. And it doesn’t stop there.

On the 22nd of August, the London Vitality half marathon will be taking place, with some fitness crazy Titans joining the team. If you want to join them too, you can sign up here.

The aim is to assist The Felix Project and lend the expertise of the entire Titans board, in order to further the incredible work that they are already doing.

Liam Norval, Hospitality Titans Co-Founder commented:

“We are delighted to have The Felix Project on board as our charity partner for the Hospitality Titans. I have worked with Mark previously on a number of projects and the work that the team do over there is phenomenal. We couldn’t think of a better partner. They do so much good for London and we know that, working together with the rest of the Titans, we can accomplish so much more. Mark and the team are what’s good about hospitality, we want to emulate that across the board and we look forward to a fine and happy future, working together to better life for many Londoners.”


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