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The rise of businesses using webinars as a key marketing technological tool has seen exponential growth since 2010, with B2B webinars surging from less than 1,000 per year to over 4,000 on one software platform alone. This, therefore, equates to an average of 500,000+ webinars across all platforms.

Joining these ever-growing numbers are The Hospitality Titans, as they launch their monthly webinar series, with each occasion hosted by one of the 18 board members. 

Webinar: What does loyalty mean for Hospitality Businesses?

Co-Founder of Embargo App, Frederick Szydlowski and James Sandrini, Co-Founder and Strategy Director at 48.1, will be taking us through all things Loyalty within Hospitality on Thursday the 9th of September at 12pm.

The session will focus on the following points:

  • Loyalty in numbers and loyalty as a concept
  • Loyalty in hospitality – the importance and status quo
  • What does offline loyalty mean to your business?
  • What does online loyalty mean to your business and how to maximize its value?

Then we will wrap things up with a Q and A.

If you run a hospitality business, want to know how you can create loyal customers, or simply want to be inspired by two innovative businessmen, this is the place for you.

How To Run A Successful One to One

On 7th October at 12pm, QAB Leadership founder Michelle Moreno will be hosting an hour-long interactive workshop for all Hospitality Titans members – focussing on the importance of good leadership.

‘How To Run A Successful One to One’ will take an overall different look on how to guide and lead your team through the eyes of modern leadership. With Michelle’s philosophy being that there are always opportunities to learn regardless of career stage, experience and maturity, this webinar will show the ways in which leaders can think differently; helping your team be more proactive and successful.

So whether you’re eager to gain greater perspective on the dynamics of leadership, want to produce a greater and more productive influence onto your team, or just want the opportunity to add something new to your knowledge and skill set, join us on the 7th October at 12pm, via Demio.

To reserve your space, click here.


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