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Getahead Festival is back for 2021


The Hospitality Titans are proud to be partnering with Getahead, the mental health and well-being festival with a twist.

Getahead is the world’s first 24-hour mental health festival and it is BACK … in real life! On the 6th of August, speakers, coaches and industry experts will gather in Omeara, London for a day designed to boost your wellbeing.

While everyone’s attention has been focused on Covid-19, many people are suffering from a pandemic that has been taking hold around the UK at an alarming rate.

A survey carried out by Rethink Mental Illness between April and May 2020, showed that 79% of people with pre-existing mental illnesses reported that their mental health had deteriorated because of the pandemic, with 42% saying their mental health was worse because they were getting less support from mental health services.

This year’s festival will address pressing concerns including: financial wellbeing, mindful drinking, suicide awareness and thriving in the workplace.

This won’t be your usual day of mental health seminars. Puppy therapy, sober raves and dance workouts are just a few of the activities that will take place during the day. Followed by stand-up comedy and a club night until 6 am.

Jenni Cochrane, CEO and co-founder of Getahead and Hospitality Titans founding member, said:

“After a year away, we are so excited that Getahead Festival is returning in 2021. We may have a vaccine for the pandemic, but there is no vaccine for the mental health crisis we’re facing. It fills me with joy that Getahead Festival will be bringing communities together in person on a 24-hour journey of health, development and fun.”

Book your tickets now at https://link.dice.fm/fIePbLsl3cb




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