Hospitality Titans

Business Breakfast with John James

A morning spent networking over coffee and pastries in an exciting new London venue? Yep, real life events are back!

Last week, we held the very first Hospitality Titans event, a Business Breakfast which will take place monthly. We were joined by John James from Soho estates who told the incredible story of how the Soho Business Alliance was born. Founded from John’s desire to keep the hospitality industry in Soho alive during the pandemic, the Soho Business Alliance aims to act as a unified voice for businesses in Soho. Are you a fan of the new Alfresco Dining in Soho? That’s just one of the incredible initiatives put in place by John and his team. 

The event was also attended by some of our wonderful founding members including Jason Gale (London Lifestyle Awards), Michelle Monero (QAB Leadership), David Rooney (LXA) and Frederick Szydlowski (Embargo App). The morning was hosted by Hospitality Titans founders Pete Warden and Liam Norval. 

Temakinho Soho created the perfect home for our first event, giving guests a taste of some of the head chef’s signature sushi dishes, along with a fantastic selection of pastries, fruit and juices. 

Following the success of last week’s event, we are delighted to announce the date for the next Business Breakfast. On Wednesday 23rd June, we will be joined by Michael Kill from the NTIA, who will lead a discussion around the future of the night time industry in London. You can book your tickets here. 


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