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Top 2021 Hospitality Trends

What are the latest trends in the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry is always welcoming new fads or trends that occur across the globe. This year, due to the coronavirus outbreak we may have seen more long-lasting trends that have had a significant impact.


  1. Staycations

The coronavirus outbreak has introduced many travel restrictions in 2020 that have ultimately, facilitated the rise of the ‘staycation’. Rather than spending a week or weekend abroad, holiday goers have had to come up with local destinations and attractions to travel to. Whether it be a holiday in the city or a chance to enjoy nature, a staycation can sometimes be more environmentally friendly and good for budgeting! There has been a surge in hotel or travel websites promoting luxury lodges, hot tubs and even glamping.


2.  Solo Travelers

Never been for a solo trip? 2021 is your year to take yourself away to a destination that’s been on your holiday list for a long time. Solo travelers are beginning to embrace spending time alone, interacting with others and making memories to whatever degree suits. They can spend time indulging in their favourite cuisines or activities whilst also, practicing a healthy mind along with emotional healing.


3. Sustainability

With the sustainability conversation having always featured highly among trends it is now becoming increasingly important amongst brands, companies and society. It is a trend that is unlikely to disappear for a long time as many travelers are becoming more sensitive to both social and environmental issues. They seek to limit their impact on the environment and also, experience local culture. Key properties of establishments can witness the reducing of waste and water usage as well as, the sourcing of locally produced products in both the bars and restaurants.

4. Brunch

The introduction of the curfew in 2020 meant that businesses had to change their approach in order to maximise their income. This lead to a huge increase in brunch offerings, a trend that certainly doesn’t look like it’s going away, despite late-night dining now being back on the cards. Brands are also getting increasingly more creative with their brunch concepts. A simple poached egg on toast just doesn’t cut it anymore, with themed events popping up all over the country.


5. Insta Worthy Decor

From flower-covered feature walls to slogans in neon lights, every venue is looking for that thing that’s going to make them ‘Instgramable’. Everyone’s Instagram feed had been flooded with images of people posing next to ‘Well behaved women don’t make history’ in London’s Tonight Josephine. A simple neon sign that has created endless amounts of free marketing for the restaurant. This is a trend that is quickly catching on, with brands stepping further outside the box to ensure their venue stands out.

What do you think the next trend for 2021 will be? With contactless technology, could we be about to welcome more front of desk robots?

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