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Lockdown Creates Alcohol-Free Boom with Lucky Saint Lager Leading the Way as Restrictions Start to Lift

Lucky Saint

The global pandemic of 2020 changed many things, including how we drink – and whilst it was widely reported that people were hitting the bottle during lockdown, this wasn’t a universal phenomenon – in fact, one in three people cut down or stopped drinking all together last year (Alcohol Change UK 2020).

Multi-award winning alcohol-free beer brand Lucky Saint saw this change reflected in their online sales, which increased 400% in 2020. With lockdown now starting to ease, and a third of UK adults saying they plan to moderate their drinking in 2021 (KAM Media 2021),  Lucky Saint are gearing up for a busy year in the on-trade.

Luke Boase, the founder of Lucky Saint, has been striving to elevate the alcohol-free drinking experience since starting the brand in 2018. Several years ago, Luke decided to stop drinking, wanting to prioritise his health and productivity. The prospect of a great tasting, alcohol-free beer was so appealing, but Luke found the reality to be disappointing. So he decided to create his own – a 0.5% Superior Unfiltered Lager that finally rewarded those who aren’t drinking with the beer they deserve.

Lucky Saint subsequently launched on draught in 2020 – catering to the one in four pub visits that are now alcohol free (KAM Media 2021), a fact that might sound surprising until you learn that one in five people in the UK doesn’t drink alcohol at all (Alcohol Change UK 2020).

Made with the highest quality ingredients including Pilsner Malt, Hallertau Hops, Bavarian spring water and their own single-use yeast, Lucky Saint is brewed following German Purity Laws – striving to be first and foremost a great tasting beer, that happens to be alcohol-free.

As interest in alcohol-free drinks continues to grow, so do Lucky Saint’s ambitions – they recently announced a successful £3.5 million funding round, welcoming the founders of Innocent Drinks (aka JamJar Investments) to Lucky Saint’s group of investors, which already includes Jonathan Warburton, Ben Bilboul, Richard Singh, James Murphy and David Golding – amongst other influential names in the FMCG world. The funding will be used to accelerate the presence of Lucky Saint on draught in on-trade accounts across the UK.

And as founder Luke said on the recent fundraise ‘our team has achieved so much since launching in 2018, and yet it still feels like the beginning of something very special.’

Lucky Saint are giving Hospitality Titan members £10 off any case of 12 or more.  If you’re a member, head to the benefits section to claim your discount code. Not a member yet!? Sign up here.


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